"Virtual" hardware Blocks?


is there a way to have an interface Block in the patch panel, for an interface that you have drivers installed for, when it is not connected to the system?

E.g. if you have a 16-ch interface, but need to edit the setup when you only have a 2ch (e.g. built-in) interface available.

If you could select your multichannel interface, then you could make all the connections “offline”, instead of not being able to finalise the setup until actually connected to the interface.

I hope I’m making myself clear here,


I think this is not necessary.
When you have your interface connected and build a gig with multiple outs and you save the gig, all is fine.

Now disconnect your interface and in the audio options you are working with for example the inbuilt soundcard only 2 outputs are available.
Now open you gig and you will be asked if you want to use virtual channels.
When you answers with yes you will notice that all the output routing is done to the physical available outputs.
In the rackspace you will see all your outputs as you would see with your regular interface connected.


this would work, but I did just that (had multiple connections from the multi-channel interface) and saved the Gig, but when I opened it up with a stereo-interface the connections weren’t there.

Must double-check this again, maybe I did something wrong, at least I know what to look for,


Normally you should be asked if you want to use virtual channels.

By the way are you on mac?

This was on a PC

OK, I am asking because on Mac you could build a virtual audio interface simulating multi out.
I think on Windows there exists simular software

interesting - do you know the name for the Mac-version?
(I actually work 50/50 on Mac/PC so this would come in handy)


It is called Loopback


Feel free to ask when you have more questions.
You are a new user, right?

thanks - much appreciated.

Yes, a new user - tried the demo a few months ago and sprung for the full product a few days ago,


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I tested Loopback on Mac but it added more latency than the free soundflower option built in to MacOS. I created an aggregate device with my 2 channel interface and the 64 channel soundflower device. Although I deactivate many of these ports as I only need a few to send separate outs to other apps from GP.

I do never use LoopBack live.
I use it when I want to build a gig with multiple outs of my rme ufx II but do not have it when I am programming new racks.

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This could be a job for a (not yet existing) virtual Rig-Manager-audio-interface…
Imagine you could define a virtual audio interface (like it already works with midi controllers) where you could freely specify the number of In’s and Out’s, which you could then connect with any actually existing hardware-ports (just how many your interface offers, or how many (or which) of them you want to use in your rackspaces.
I don’t know if this was possible, but when i think about this idea, i really like it.
Dear dev’s, any thoughts? :wink::innocent:


Already on our list!


Could you double-check this please and let us know. This would be a bug as things should work exactly as @pianopaul described.

You open a gig that uses say “output channel 6” of your interface when you have only a 2 channel interface connected - Gig Performer should tell you that the gig uses channels beyond your hardware channel capabilities and create virtual channels (slightly paler colour) and allow you to connect and disconnect things at will. When you later open it again with the real interface it should all just work.

Hi djogon
will check next time when I connect to the multichannel interface,