"View" menu - feature request


Been playing around with GP3 for a couple of days now before I place my upgrade order.

Really liking the new features and the setlist feature is a game changer for me.

One thing that would be extremely useful is a View menu option. i.e. being able to decide what you want to see on the screen. For instance; the panel that I have set up includes level meters to monitor my audio interface input and output. It would therefore be handy if I could have the option to view/hide the input/output panel at the bottom of the screen and give me more screen real estate for my rack panels.

The same with the top panel (CPU, Panic and Trim), which also displays the rack name when in setlist mode and, to my mind, is a duplication which eats up screen space for that mode.

Alternatively, the ability to resize the screen sections could be used, although probably more complex to implement.

The ability to use variations within a rack for multiple songs means that my panels are a lot more complex than when using GP2. For instance I have widgets for key range, transpose, volume/sustain block etc. The less additional information displayed the better, especially when moving from a desktop monitor to a 15" laptop display for performance.

Maybe something for GP3.5 or 4?



Yes, already on our list but thanks for mentioning it again



Using GP with an iPad size touch screen, I fully agree with this.

I like the idea to have a specific “performance view” were the only elements displayed are those readable without glasses at a distance and accessible with a finger touch.

It is a nice exercise to try to use the Gig Performer interface with a single finger. Doing so you will notice that if the size of a rackspace exceeds the height of the screen, it is impossible to move it. I would like to be able to grab the frame of a rackspace with a single finger and to slide it up- or downwards, but unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. :slightly_frowning_face:

It would also very nice to be able to hide panels like we can bypass plugins within a variation. e.g. If I bypass the chorus effect in a variation, It is eventually useless to keep the associated chorus panel on the screen.

But GP is already very very good like it is :+1:



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