Venomode Phrase box won't load

Installed Venomode Phrasebox demo on both my M1 and Intel Macs. Loads fine in Cubase. GP isn’t having it for any format (AU, VST, VST3). Just get the standard “cannot load the unvalidated plugin” message in plugin manager. Obvs I’ll approach the vendor - but any ideas on this side of things? I want this plugin so bad for some live midi sequencing. Been really fired up by watching what folks like Hania Ranni are doing with live solo performance - admittedly all outside of the box - but I can’t afford that prophet 08, let alone a Steinway. Thank goodness for Keyscape.

I don’t know that thing but…
Did you check it’s 64 bit?
Old 32 bits plugin cannot run in GigP


Works fine on Windows.

I just tested on Mac M1, it is working.

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Then it could be it’s not an M1 native plugin.
If you run GigPerformer in M1 native mode, it will use Rosetta translation only if you install an AU version.
This is an Apple decision, not GigPerformer…

I tested with native, is running.

Yes definitely running 64bit plugs, but thanks for the quick advice anyhow. Feeling the love for the GO community this morning.

Glad to hear it’s working for you @pianopaul. Think I will try reinstalling.

Sheesh! I’m scratching my head on this one, have reinstalled plugs, completely reset GP, no dice!
My question is, how can I get more intel out of GP as to the nature of the error. Are there some log files or debug mode that I could use?

How exactly did you do that?

By that I mean, I just rescanned all plugins. Which unregisters them all and starts afresh

Checked this morning on my Intel Mac, and Phrasebox is working in GP without an issue. Not sure what changed there - no reboot or anything. However it’s a different story for my M1 Macbook Air, won’t register the plug either in rosetta mode or not. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the plug, rebooted etc.

So, this is your solution? Can you start GP in safe mode? - #5 by mysterydiner

Ok, I have a solution, found by sheer luck more than anything. If you delete the presets folder: /Library/Audio/presets/venomode/ - then it happily registers. Go figure!

You should reach out to the developer. Possibly something corrupted or missing in that folder that the plugin needed by default and without it, it couldn’t start…that would cause validation to fail

Not yet, and I must. There’s probably a way to switch on some additional logging in Live.

I’m pretty sure this is not a Live related problem though. Reaper wouldn’t detect the VST3 version either. I haven’t tried with anything else yet, since Live is my main tool. I came here because this is the only related thread anywhere I could find, and it would make sense to keep it updated – especially if a solution is to be found.