VB3 II V1.1 released


Just saw VB3 II has been released.
And now it has a separate Leslie simulation.

I compared it just now to Blue3 V2.
For my taste Blue3 still sounds more open in the high end.

What do you think about?


I’m really stuck on this one. I’ve used VB3 1.4 for years now and got used to the sound of it. Downloaded them demos for both Blue3 V2 and VB3 II. Honestly, to my ears the raw organ sounds are very comparable. Both let you get in the weeds, too. Which didn’t used to be the case. Both have thundering low end. Both use minimal CPU in GP 2 (which I’ve purchased now and is so stable!).
The differences come down to the Leslie sim, OD, and reverb.

My first impression was that VB3 had more top end, actually; but then I switched tone wheel sets on Blue3 off of the wax one I was experimenting with and all the top end came back. I do like the ability to switch cabs in Blue3 (miss that from vb3 1.4), which changes the OD response curve. My initial reaction was for Vb3 II, kind of bc it was like putting on a familiar shoe. But the longer I play and tweak, the less different they are.

I’m starting to agree with a lot of other reviewers that they are like 2 different hammonds.

Also, whomever says VB3ii is the same as 1.4 is crazy. II is definitely a different instrument.

I’m so stuck. AND I can only buy one right now!!!


Hello everyone,

I guess it’s a good time to be a B3 player!

But seriously, let me know if I can answer any questions about Blue3. I’d be happy to help.

Rock on!


The more I compare Blue3 with others, the more I like Blue3


FYI everyone, Ray at GG Audio is the developer of Blue3. Feel free to ask him any questions.


Hey Ray,

Any reason the Blue3 demo would be crashing GP 2.6? I finally had time to try to deep dive and it keeps crashing GP and got this from event viewer:
Faulting application name: GigPerformer.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b9a730b
Faulting module name: Blue3.vst3, version:, time stamp: 0x5b8e9b08
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000012b9e4
Faulting process id: 0x2dd4

Maybe it was bc I had it open with another few vsts and was bypassing Blue3 to compare it (like I said… deep diving).

Does it not like to be switched off like that?


Is this 100% reproducible? If so, can you provide steps for the smallest possible way to reproduce it, i.e., without other plugins needed, etc?


Did you contact Ray directly via his contact in the Blue3 WebSite?


Sorry all, I wasn’t paying attention and responded to the email on my way out the door yesterday like a newbie.

I’ve reproduced this 3 times. It happens when I have both VB3ii and Blue3 open and am switching back and forth via bypass instead of disconnecting midi cables doing a comparison. I really like them both… But really can’t afford both right now since I dropped my $ on a bigger SSD.

I have them both open in the back view, both windows open, and play on one, bypass it, move to the other, bypass it, move back. After about 10 minutes GP closes (crashes) when I click bypass on Blue3.

Could be copy protection, or something, idk. They’re both demos which no one would use in a realistic environment. If you can’t replicate it with the authenticated vsts, maybe it’s something in the demo-mode and I need to stop being so picky already!

Love the sound of vb3 out of the box. Blue3 with the other tonewheel sets is a killer, too. Also… Blue3 into VB3 Rotary is great. Ugh.

Pianopaul, I haven’t reached out to Ray, no.


Hey there,

Send me an email with the details (OS, plugin type, crash log if you have it) and I’ll check this out asap.

GG Audio


I just saw that you were using the VST3 version of Blue3. Please try it again with the VST2 if you can. I have a feeling…


Hm… It’s the only thing that shows up in GP. Should I look in a different folder?


Unfortunately on Windows, there’s no standard folder for VST2 plugins, so I guess you’ll have to see where you installed the VST2 version, if you chose to, and make sure Gig Performer can use that folder.