Variation settings should stay the same

Try to create a rig. I have one rackspace and for example two variations. In the rackspace I have a delay plugin. In one variation the delay should always be activated when changing to it. The other variation without delay. But when I turn on the delay on that off variation and I change to the other and back. It’s the delay is still activated insteed of changing to the off variation. How can I manage that? Thanks.

For this kind you should not check the ignore variations checkbox.

Have you created a widget in the front panel to control the bypass?

I created a widget and set it for bypass the delay. I did not click the ignore variation. When I don’t change the delay setting and switch between the two variations all is ok. But when I change delay on one variation it stays what’s been the last setting.

Can you upload a small gig, so we could take a look at it?

Have you also used a knob or slider widget to control the amount of delay? The settings are only remembered if you have a widget assigned to that setting. Then you adjust the widgets in each variation. The settings should be remembered after you leave that variation (or rackspace).

Hello. Thanks for the replies. I solved it for me. When I’m using the Songview and create a new Song it works!!!