[Value] not displayed with the correct value

I have setup a rackspace for an organ and used the [value] parameter to display the drawbar settings. I discovered that some of the drawbar setting are shown with the expected value (0 to 8) and other show only the midi value (0 to 100).

After some testing i learned that the behaviour depends on the initial setting of the organ drawbar when assigned to the widget. If the drawbar is 0 during the assignment the [value] will show midi values (0 to 100) in all other cases it will show the correct drawbar setting (0 to 8).

I also tested it with another organ plugin — same problem. I also tested it with a new rackspace without any script and only the organ plugin.

For me it looks like a problem with the initial setup of the variables for the widget.

I assumed that a good workaround would be to set the organ drawbars not to 0 when the widget are assigned. This works … until you copy or import an correct working rackspace. The new rackspace has again the problem. (see attached pictures with the correct set up of the upper drawbars and the false setup from the copied rackspace)

Can someone confirm that this is a problem and not only my setup?

With IK Hammond I can confirm VST version
With AU version always 0.0 - 100.0 is shown

VST3 same as VST

With Blue3 I cannot reproduce.

I have used IK B3-X and Arturia B3 V2 … with both the same problem. used the VST3 version.

What i also not understand is the when you copy / import a correct working backspace, some are not working (the upper drawbars) and some have no problem (the bass drawbars) … ???

Can you use normal sliders instead of drawbar widgets and check if the same issue occurs?
This is just for testing,

yes … will do and report back

I have done a test with Faders and drawbars (Arturia B3) … same result.

I have used a clean Gig and clean Rackspace. Only positive change was that a copy / import of a new rackspace with correct settings did not bring back the midi numbers as reported before. Maybe because it was a clean and correct setup from the beginning and not a corrected rackspace.

attached is also a Gig File with the original and a copies Rackspace

Organ Drawbar Test.gig (441.3 KB)

This is an interesting issue that we will put on our bug list and try to solve for one of the upcoming updates. Thanks.

I have done onother test with a clean set-up for the IK B3. Initial set-up works but after I copies the rackspace the issue was back

Interessting … the initial wrong setup of the second bass drawbar was ok ofter the copy and the last 4 drawbars of the the lower manual are also ok after the copy ???

Organ Drawbar Test(2).gig (503.5 KB)

I have done another test with the IK B-3X and the Arturia B3V2. In this case only the IK B3 had a problem . Initial set-up was ok (with non zero settings) but when I copied or only closed and reopened the gig file the problem was back – except for the the Pedals and 4 of the lower drawbars.

Arturia had no problem with copy or close and reopen of the gig file.

Therefore I have also raised the problem with IK support

Picture from B-3X after reopen of the gig file: