V Collection Not Retaining MIDI Settings

Does anyone have an issue with Arturia V Collection 7 VST3 plugins not saving the MIDI settings in GP? After saving my gig, closing GP, and reloading my gig, the MIDI channel and learned CC assignments disappear. I am running GP 3.6 with the latest V Collection 7.1 software. I don’t recall this happening in version 7.0, so perhaps it is related to the upgrade.

Do you speak of midi learn in the arturia plugin itself?

Yes, that and the MIDI channel assignment. So in the V Collection plugin, I set the MIDI channel to be 4 (instead of the default ALL) and I use the learn function to assign CC11 to the volume knob. I then save the gig and exit. When I restart GP and load the gig, the MIDI channel is back to ALL and the volume knob is unmapped.

I would contact Arturia
But just a tipp: you should use host automation instead of midi mapping.

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How do I use host automation? Is there a tutorial?

Include a widget and map it to a plugin.
Then a list of mappable parameters appear in a list.
Now you can select an entry or you press the red learn button to move the desired parameter in the plugin.
This way is called host automation.
Most plugins support this way of control.


Okay, I understand that approach. I was hoping to assign MIDI channels to plugins without having to create a front panel widget control.

Generally a bad (legacy) approach – further, many plugins don’t consider MIDI assignments to be part of their state and hence won’t include that information back to the host so as to save it.

The use of widgets to act as intermediaries between physical MIDI devices and plugin parameters is central to modern hosts.

Thanks, pianopaul and dhj. You guys rock!!