UVI Workstation shuts Gigperformer off

Hi there,

i have an issue with the combination Gigperformer and UVI Workstation. Somehow it doesn’t work all together very well.

I took a small video of what happens when i open UVI WS and want to play some instruments, but how do i share this video?

I am using UVI workstation in Gig Performer 3.8.0 and do not face any issue.
What version of UVI workstation are you using?

I am using Workstation 3.0.14. But i see i alsof have 3.0.8

And what version of UVI: VST or VST3 or AU ?

And what is the misbehaviour?

What library are you using?

You could try this:

Delete the UVI plugin from your rackspace, save the gig
Restart Gig performer, load your gig and load UVI.

I use vst3. But i think i delete all of them and start over again.