Using UJAM Virtual Bassist


I was very excited last night to find something that I didn’t know existed, namely a virtual bass playing VST that works in real time (see link below)

There is a one month trial and I downloaded the Royal Bass option to have a play with. It sounds good, but I cant get it to sync to my Air Strike 2 drum vst. Can anyone help me out with a diagram showing how the connections need to be made for syncing to happen? TIA:)


Did you try to use both in a DAW?


Toontrack will release a similar product this year also.


[quote=“pianopaul, post:2, topic:1985, full:true”]
Did you try to use both in a DAW?
[/quote]Yes I tried. I have Strike 2 drum vst responding to tempo settings ok. I can’t seem to get Virtual Bassist to sync to the drum vst though. Any suggestions?


I looked it up but there was no mention of real time Auto accompaniment responding to chord input in real time ie a live bass VST playable in real time. That’s what Virtual Bassist is.


I think it will work the same way as ezkeys.
With ezkeys you can play the sounds in realtime.
But you are right, you cannot trigger phrases in realtime.


What do you mean when you say “to sync to Air Strike 2 drum vst”? You don’t sync one plugin to another. Normally you set a host tempo and then activate sync to host in the plugins (if you don’t do it by default).


So the bass VST should just sync automatically to the same tempo then as set in GP? It didn’t seem to.


I have PHAT and SOLID (the virtual drummers) from UJAM and they always play in the host tempo (including tempo changes etc.). I just tested again in Studio One. So this should be similar at Virtual Bassist.


So you are using them both in Gig Performer? What does GP need to receive to action a tempo change? i.e. what midi command does GP need to receive for a tempo change to happen?


Can you use Ableton Link?


I don’t have Ableton.


You don’t need Ableton to use Ableton Link — many applications (including numerous iPad apps) support it as well.


Just tested with Gig Performer 3 and UJAM Royal.
Royal is synched to the tempo in Gig Performer.
What is the problem on your usecase?


There’s no need for Ableton Link to synchronize a plugin to its host. Have you tried it again? I’m sure it works.


Yes, I did try it again and I am making some progress. I’ve got the drums and bass in sync now even though there is a slight delay before the bass patterns change to the input chord. I need to find out more about the required midi settings to stop multiple things happening within the bass VST.


Ujam Virtual Bass didn’t work out eventually due mainly to its inability to receive midi control. I had a couple of email conversations with the developers and VB appears to be aimed at studio recording use rather than real time live playing. I decided to give Broomstick Bass another go. I know it’s old and only 32bit, but I Jbridged it and it Is working fine. I’ve just experimented with a couple of songs and it is stable at this point. I’m amazed at how capable Broomstick Bass is despite being released in 2006. But in reality, it’s Gig Performer that is the star here. There is so much control in GP that even an old VST like BB is no match for it. It’s been a very successful weekend for me.

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I’m trying Virtual Bassist again as I’ve made some progress in getting it to work as a live performance VST. Main problem is getting the Strike 2 drum vst and Virtual Bassist to start at the same time. Both VSTs sync ok, but if I accidentally touch the strum bar on my guitar controller, VB will start playing while Strike 2 is still waiting for the midi start command. If I start the drum, then I have to touch the guitar strum bar at exactly the right time or it could start playing at the correct tempo, but half a bar out of time. Is there a solution to this problem that I can use to sync the start of both VST’s?