Using GP for several musicians

I plan to perform with my band and got stuck thinking of a good way to use GP.
We have 2 guitar players, bass, keyboard, singer and a drummer.
I plan that almost everyone (maybe not the drummer) will have GP patches, that will change automatically (using Ableton and midi programs) or with a foot pedal.
Here are some stuff I’m stuck with and would be thankful for some help with:

  1. The keyboard player will have the most patches, and I didn’t quite understand the system of creating songs works. Some instruments he plays with return in some songs, but lots of them are one-time-use. Do I create all his instruments in the rack spaces and then just select what he uses in each song? The list would end up being huge!
  2. Since almost all of us will use it, is it better to have single computer with different GP windows? or several different computer that sync with Ableton link option?
  3. In case we want to use pedals, do you have any recommendations for 2 buttons midi pedal with USB connections?

Sorry for the long post and all the questions… I’m sure there are answers around the internet and in the GP guides, but I have some reading issues (pretty bad case of ADHD) and I know exactly what I need, but not how to find it… Any help is greatly appreciated!

When the keaboard player reuses rackspace variations in Songs then the list can be reduced.
Yes it is best practise to build a rackspace for each sound combination one uses at the same time.
An alternate could be using switching presets of your used plugins but then you will not have the possibility of patch persist.

It depends on what Audio interface your are using and what PC/Mac.
It your PC/Mac has the power and you have a decent audio interface you can use just 1 PC/Mac and multiple instances of Gig Performer.
And when you use just 1 PC/Mac you will not run iu of license because each PC/Mac has to be licensed.

I guess that running the instruments and effects for all of your bands members at once might be a bit too much for just one PC/Mac. And if i was one of the band members i would prefer to develop my rackspaces myself (at home/studio), so this would mean that i had to use my own computer.
Given that everyone in your band who wants to use GigPerformer, uses his own PC/Mac, they all have to be synchronized somehow - at least for the common changing of the sound patches.
Therefore one of you has to be the “master” who sends out the commands to all the others… i never used it, but i think that OSC could do this job. Someone please correct me if i am wrong.

Each band member can run their own instance and have full control with their MIDI gear.

I only thought about a common change of the needed rackspaces per song, but you are right… there might well be multiple rackspaces for one song… just as the musician needs it.

Thanks for the replies! You helped me alot :innocent: