Using Gig Performer with midi pedalboard

I am currently trying out gig performer for the 1st time as a guitarist. I have a Meloaudio Midi Commander. footswitch. Is there a way to go directly to a rack? Example I have 4 different amps in 4 different racks. Can I assign each rack to different footswitches? Can I switch from 1 to 3 then 3 to 2 then 2 to 4? Under global I only see commands to go up and down racks in order

Thanks so much

Can you alter what messages the midi commander sends? If it can send program change (PC) then by default a PC 0 will select the first rackspace in GP; PC 1 will select the second rackspace etc.

@tmart77 - you can definitely jump to any rackspace or a specific variation with your controller if you want.

You have several modes, but typically the “custom” mode will most likely work best as you will be able to make a mix of Program Change (PC) messages and Control Change (CC) messages.

as @rank13 mentioned - sending Program Change message with a value of 0 will select the first rackspace, sending the value of 4 will select the 3rd etc…

You can use the CC messages as switches to switch on/off certain effects within any backspace. Things like reverb/chorus etc…

Manual for your device (explains how to program it properly) can be found here :

Hope this helps.

Also, using a song with each song part attached to a different rackspace is another approach, particularly useful for guitarists.

Thanks everyone for the replies! Using the MeloAudio midi commander in AxeFX mode did the trick. This program is awesome!