User predefined "multi I/O blocks"


The redundancy of having to replicate my input blocks every time (or updating them to reflect an addition) is tedious. If you could create a user defined custom input/output “multi block” module that be inserted in a single instantiation maneuver, it would improve work flow tremendously!!

Have this “multi block”:

  1. be able to have as many separate input/output MIDI (and or audio) blocks as the user desires,
  2. have the parameter setup for each of the modules be remembered as a “default” state,
  3. have a bypass toggle control for each of I/O modules (as desired)
  4. have a user definable “default” state for the entire "multi block’ that loads automatically
  5. use GP’s usual block load and save feature to have predefined alternate setups.

Creating or tweaking a rack could be done so much faster. I just went though something like 60 racks yesterday to update them to my current I/O configuration. For each one, I had to load up to 3 MIDI input blocks, 2 output blocks and then load the saved parameter settings for each block. At 6-10 clicks per block, that’s 30-50 clicks per rack space. At 50 rack spaces that’s 1500 - 2500 clicks. Verses potentially 300 (@ 6 clicks per rack).

Now I realize that implementing this entire concept would take some time. But I would LOVE to have #4 implemented per I/O block right away. (Would have brought my scenario down to (3 clicks per block x 5 blocks x 50 racks) 750 clicks from > 1500.

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Thank you. We already have similar or exactly these features on our list - we’ll get to it eventually.

As a side note … changing your I/O configuration should not really take that long unless you’re changing something else. If you define your input keyboards for example in the Rig Manager you can just change it there. If that controller changed and you have to remap the widgets - a proper Rig Manager setup would also help.

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@djogon I was following your advice to move away from OMNI input blocks, Since I have already created over hundreds of rack panels, 50 was a fairly small amount (those that I had covered to templates). Note that they still include an OMNI block just for controllers.

Anyway, good to know we can expect workflow improvements in coming updates!!