Use two rackspaces by two midi controllers in a song part


Hey everyone!
I was wondering if it is possible for me to use tones from two rackspaces individually by two midi controllers in a song part?

From what I read here to do this the only way is to create two instances of GP or use one rack space to create the setup for each song part… or have I missed anything?

Is there a way for me to select from more than one rackspace for a song part? That way I don’t make redundant instances of plugins?

I hope my explanation is clear :joy::pray:t3::grin:


Just to check, you want each controller to control a different plugin? And for both these plugins to be payable within the same song part? But not have both plugins in the same rackspace? If that is correct, then unfortunately you can’t unless you run two instances.

But if you are using both at the same time, they wouldn’t be redundant?!

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Yep that’s exactly what I want… Okay so if I have the same rack space in two different instances wouldn’t that affect my ram? Or there is no difference?

Cause what I want is for example controller 1 and controller 2… And song part 1, song part 2 and song part 3… Rackspace 1 rackspace 2 rackspace 3
Then song part 1, the controller 1 will use rackspace 1 and controller 2 onboard synth…

Song part 2 controller 1 will use rackspace 1 controller 2 rackspace 2

Song part 3 controller 1 rackspace 2 controller 2 onboard synth

That’s the kind of flexibility I wanted…


I think I understand…

The best way to approach it is that a rackspace is a ‘sound’. If for a part in a song you need controller 1 playing some soft-synths and controller 2 playing it’s onboard synth then you make a rackspace that has all the controller 1 synth plugins in it and nothing ‘attached’ to controller 2. The combination of these is your ‘sound’ for song part 1. Then assign this to sing part 1.

Song part 2 needs both controllers playing soft synths - controller 1 is using the same synths as song part 1 but controller 2 is using some different ones so I would just add those synths in to the same rackspace as song part 1 above but make a variation where for song part 1 the controller 2 synths are bypassed and for song part 2 they are not. So rackspace one becomes 2 variations; each is the ‘sound’ for song parts 1 and 2.

For part 3 you’d make a new rackspace with the new synth plugins as required.


The other option is two instances; it shouldnt realistically take up any more processing power or RAM than running all the synths in one rackspace - if they are active they are taking up processing power/RAM wherever they are held! This then gives more flexibility to have totally different rackspaces per controller but you’ll just need to work out a way of switching parts in each instance (totally doable, just depends how you want to do it)


Yeah thats what I wanted…

Yeah if having two instances won’t affect my processing power or my RAM I might as well give it a try… As it really looks doable… So I can make a virtual midi port and assign a program change to each song so when I select a new song it sends that PC msg to the other instance so they are on the same song… and I already have a Behringer FCB1010 to change between the song parts…

But when I had this issue first I did try opening another instance of GP but then I couldn’t use the same sound interface… Which is right I mean two applications can’t use the same interface at the same time… So is there a solution to this or will I have to use two audio interfaces?

I could use my MOXFs in-built audio interface I guess…


And thank you for taking your time to reply buddy! :pray:t3::blush:


This is a function of your audio interface device driver — many drivers lock the audio (and MIDI) devices, thereby allowing only one program to access them.

We have a blog article that might be helpful though.

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Thanks buddy! That was really helpful!! :pray:t3::blush: That should do the trick!