Use Midi command to switch views

Hi, currently using TouchOsc and various buttons on my synths to directly select rackspaces. I’ve decided to try setting up Setlists as well for gigs, and so programmed 2 soft buttons and ‘learned’ them for Next song and Prev. Song in the setlist.
So I used the SetList option to automatically switch to Setlist view when Next or Previous song in Setlist is pressed. However occasionally the singer will call a different song that’s not on the setlist, due to time constraints, requests, etc. I would like to be able to use another Midi command to switch back to being able to recall Rackspaces directly with another control screen. ( dont’ use a QWERTY keyboard or monitor onstage)

Is there any way to achieve this? I’ve tried using TouchOsc to program a soft key for a keystroke but doesn’t seem to be working either.
Any help appreciated!


Link below you have the list of OSC commands available
You didn’t mention if you are on Windows or Mac?
Gig Performer | OSC Support

Sorry yes should have mentioned. Mac mini. I’m using Midi commands via TouchOsc with success, working great. However Itried programming TouchOsc to send keystrokes instead (as in COMMAND>UP>L to switch to Setlist view and COMMAND>T to switch back to perform view) and Gig Performer doesn’t respond to those. So I thought I would love to find a way to use a MIDI command to switch views instead. I can switch to Setlist view automatically when ‘Next or Prev song’ is pressed, but need a way to also switch back to direct Rackspace selection when needed.
Thanks for the quick reply BTW!

The link @keaman gave you is correct, but it unfortunately shows an older documentation.

Here is the direct link

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Thanks again the updated list shows a few more selection possibilities, but I still have the problem where if I send a direct Rackspace selection name or number while I’m in setlist mode, it does nothing. It stays in setlist mode and just switches to an equivalent number in that particular set list.
if there was a ‘midi learn’ feature for switchig views/modes, that would work perfectly for what I’m hoping to do

… Much like the ‘enable direct selection’ option in global/ midi options, which directly selects variations within a rackspace. I’m hoping to do th same thing and switch from setlist view to direct Rackspace selection

I tried with OSC commands, was not able to do that - maybe I did some mistake.
But my feeling is, that this is not possible right now.

But you could place all rackspaces which are not in the “official” list as separate songs in the same setlist at the end and recall that with PC numbers.

Yes, thanks that’s an interesting possibility. It would require , if I cover for the possibility of any song that might be called, every setlist would have to be 110 songs instead of just 10 or 12. But theoretically that would work

I guess I can opt instead to just use setlist maker or band helper to drive my setlists and leave the gig performer Rackspace selection intact as is as direct access.

You could try Bome Translator
With this you can send Midi Messages to Bome Translator and then translate it to physical keys.

That’s a good idea, thanks!

Applescripts come to mind?
as last resort?

Hmm, OSC commands to switch views is something we could add in the future – I guess we always assumed one would be in a single view when using OSC

I got curious… yep, send MIDI notes to Osculator > key combo change