Use headphone Mic with MacBook

Can I use the 3.5 mm headphone jack on Mac laptop to record Audio from my headset in Gig Performer? It works with the normal audio recorder on my MacBook M1, now I want to process my voice in GigPerformer. Is it possible or do I need a certain plugin?

As Gig Performer can record Audio it should be possible

I have to route the microphone input/output to GigPerformer, but I have no idea how.

Try this

How looks your Audio Setup in GP?


Audio Out (Loopback Audio)

You need your Mic in as Audio Input

When you need your KRONOS at the same time just use Loopback to create a virtual Audio In Device.

I hear the mic signal, I see the mic level in loopback (input and output devices), but I don’t find the signal in GP and so I can’t it process it.

But in any case the signal of my headphone mic is to noisy, so I will try to use the Kronos line-in with another mic.

You are using the loopback device as input in gp?

No Audio In is KRONOS_USB_L&R and Audio Out Loopback Audio.

In the wIndow of the loopback software I have the device Loopback Audio and Sources, Output channels and Monitors. There I can see the the signals and the level of the signals. I can hear my Kronos, my rackspaces with VSTs through my GigFile and my headphone mic voice.

you should use loopback as audio in in gp to hear Kronos and the mic

That is the problem, since I use a Laptop: Then I can’t hear the Kronos sounds, only the VSTs.

Are you using loopback as audio in?

why do you need the Kronos sounds in gp?

For example to process a solo sound with an effect-plugin or to mix volumes etc. I have some very unique Kronos sounds that I can’t build with VSTs.I wait for the Korg Kronos VST… :wink:

I would resample the Kronos sounds and use a vst sampler.
What audio interface are you using?

At home Focusrite Scarlett 4/4 (Mac) and Babyface Pro (Windows), in the rehearsal room Radial Key Largo.

So any chance to put your mic and Kronos into the audiointerface and use that interface in GP?
I am using RME UFX II

Yes, but that works only at home, I can’t put my mic in the Radial key largo. That is why I had the idea with the macbook headphone jack. I will try other solutions.

Did you try to Build an agregate device Inside of the MAC with Kronos and the buildin Mikrophone?