Usb mod and pitch controllers

I’m looking for a remote Usb mod and pitch controller
Any ideas links?

If you’ll find one, tell me please, cause i didn’t.
I once bought a circuit board and a set of wheels to build such a Mod/Pitch unit by myself, but i haven’t yet done it… i’ll have to find the right housing/case for it first, and i’d have to find out, how to assemble the hardware parts together in a convenient way.

I am working on such a device for my VPC1 with also a slow/break/fast switch for rotary control. I designed 80% of the electro-mechanical part and I planned to first use it with an Audiofront device. Still need time to finish it…


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@dhj: Great… but it looks uglier as i was afraid of…
I would like to have a slimmer case for that (this is one problem i have faced so far when wanted to buid such a device - but i honestly didn’t search too much).

Sorry…I assumed you wanted to use it to control sounds, not as a piece of art to admire😛

You know how my rackspaces look like, so my wish should be no surprise. :sunglasses: :innocent:
Sure i want to control sounds, but i also want to be able to touch it without getting some kind of ugly-box-disease, or having to play with dark glasses to prevent me from catching some eye cancer. :grin:
No, seriously: Why not having both, form and function?

Because it is not that easy. Look at my two 3D sketches above, the first one is an attempt to do something nicer an slimmer, while in the second sketch you have the first squared box I started with. No way to reduce more with standard pots, I am looking for smaller ones to reduce a bit more…

Yes, i know… i do have the same problem. The case depth for those wheels has to be quite big.
Nevertheless i think this very simple box-case (from David’s link) is really ugly.
Your first sketch would absolutely be ok for my taste.

Roli Blocks allow all sorts of control to be generated…

Here is a collection of what users have created: