Usability improvements in widget target CC selection

One thing I struggle with in GP is the general scroll through a limited view to select the target CC or parameter to target a widget in the front panel widget edit view. Two things I think could make this significantly easier to do.

  1. Pop this into a dialog with more screen real estate rather than using the select box style approach currently implemented


  1. Allow typing on the keyboard to scroll down immediately to the next item that starts with that letter or quickly typed letter combo.


  1. Use a filter box like in choosing a song to add to a set list in set list view (which works AWESOME by the way)

This is a lower priority request than some others I’ve seen, but I figure if I don’t send it, it will never happend :slight_smile:


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+1 for the filter :+1:t2:

Agreed… like the octave transpose, just one of those little things can make a big difference.