URGENT - Album recording pops and cracks?

Hey guys, I’m at the beggining of the recording of an album and we have a problem.
I don’t think it’s coming from GP but maybe you know…
I’m using mostly Keyscape (threw Omnisphere 2).
There are some little pops from time to time, on the recording and in my headphones.
BUT ! When I listen directly from the headphone output of my audio interface, it is a perfect sound.
As soon as it goes threw the ‘studio guy setup’ and goes back into my monitoring (and headphones) there are these little pops and cracks.
My level is not at all too high, my cpu is around 15%.
Hope you have maybe ideas ?
Why is the sound perfect on the output of my audio interface but not in the studio guy setup ?
We changed jacks, DI !

How exactly does it go there?

The output of the audio interface directly to the preamp

Do you have some additional software running at the same time? If yes then stop all programs that are not really neccessary for your recording.
I experienced such issues when i.e. Firefox was running in the background… erratic pops or cracks (not very often)… same sound if someone switches the light on/off and you have a bad electric instalation in the house (which maybe could be a cause for the noises as well).

This suggests obviously, that there are no problems out of your setup, and it comes probably from the studio DAW. :thinking:

I think everything is fine from my side, exept if the audio out convertors of my Scarlett are bad ?

He is using Pro Tools

It would be very very surprising. If it sounds good from the Scarlet headphone out, I would be very surprised it doesn’t sound good from the master out.

ProTools is not the problem, the problem is what is asked to the computer in real time. If the studio guy is a pro, I guess he should know about the right audio settings and what he can ask to the CPU. (in a DAW there are a lot of options to reduce the CPU load and manage the latency)

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Yeah he is a pro, and he is only using the output of my Sound Interface so…it should’nt be CPU extensive ?

It depends from what is running simultaneously on his ProTools computer while recording.

Did you ask him and shown him that when you listen through your interface directly there are no pops?

Also - if you RECORD your performance using your GP and then give your sound guy the WAV files he can import into Pro Tools - can you find any pops and cracks on the recording?


Very good advice he could even reuse the GP recording, it could save time during the recording session rather than looking for a solution to the issue.

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Thank you guys, I’m going look for this !
(There is almost no wifi there !!)

If he’s a pro, he would know how to solve it, but just to be sure:
Do you use your own cables or his?
Is your audio going via jack outs, or xlr?
Noisy cables, bad connectors, a faulty di box, all could cause hisses, pops… You could try to swap cables, check your plugs and see/hear if they make noise when you toggle them while connected…
Otherwise: it could also NOT be your gear, after all!!:sunglasses:


Dextrose, how are the recordings going? Any luck finding out where the pops and cracks are coming from?
Could be useful for the rest of us to know what the issue is/was!
Also: record snippets are welcome of course :sunglasses: :metal:
I’m curious how everything worked out for you!

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That’s right @Dextroze, we are all interested in the end of the story… :face_with_monocle:

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Hey guys
I wanted to go back to you but I am still recording and it is quite consuming (as you know !).
Hopefuly it was not a GP or mac issue, happy about that since I really did everything so that it works flawlessly.
So the studio guy just finally did another routing with another pre-amp and it worked.
Also I think he did something in order to use his main Apogee Ensemble.
I will ask him today so that I know more about what he did.
Anyway thanks a lot for your support because it was really needed !!
Hopefuly the pops and cracks are not hearable on the beggining of the recording since it was realllllyyyy quiet and that it is in the middle with basse/drums/voice.

Good news, I was quite sure it was from the studio guy side :wink: