Upper A# & B presets in Blue3 question


The A#0 and B0 notes on my Electro default to allowing me to switch between the A# and B presents in Blue3. What I did was in every B3 program I created, I saved different drawbar settings and now have the ability to switch between the two from my Electro. As I trigger the Electro to change between the two presets, the drawbar settings in GP change as well, but only mirrors one of the saved preset settings in Blue3. The other preset moves the drawbars in GP to a setting that isn’t like the one in the Blue3 program. Am I assuming correctly that in order to have the drawbar setting in GP match the other preset in Blue3, I have to create a GP variation with the preset settiing I’ve saved in Blue3?


If I understand correctly you are switching between presets within Blue3 using assigned notes from your controller.
If you connected your GP drawbars to the appropriate PARAMETERS within Blue3 then it should work both ways. You should be able to have variations and when you switch to them GP widgets will “drive” the plugin settings and adjust them or if you use your MIDI method - the GP widgets should reflect the current state.