Upgrading Plugin Alliance GP3 to GP4

I’m not computer illiterate or anything, I just really don’t want to lose any settings and files or anything.

Should I uninstall GP3 before running the GP4 installer? Can I just run the PA GP4 installer and it will upgrade over it or does it install as another program? I don’t want issues and conflicts when upgrading. Some software out there can be really finicky about those things.


GP4 is a different program.
So you can install and run GP3 and GP4

I just want to make sure: will uninstalling GP3 cause me to lose any GP necessary GP settings or rigs or anything?

That should PA answer.

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If you install GP4 while GP3 is installed, they will run side by side as sperate programs - i.e. there’ll be an icon for both GP3 and GP4 and you can choose which program to open. Installing GP4 shouldn’t change anything with GP3

I had zero issues opening and using GP3 gig files in GP4, but the fact the old version is still there after installing GP4 means you can always go back to using GP3. If you’re really paranoid, make a backup of your GP3 gig files and keep safe until you’re fully happy with GP4 - which you will be! :wink:

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This will be immediate! :wink:


Make a backup!


Everything came out fine with uninstalling 3 and installing 4 so far. Nothing gone haywire yet.