Upgrade Price for GP4

I’ve a simply question.

I bought GP3 for nearly 1 month ago. Is the upgrade to 4 free for me?
I am disappointed when I need to pay an upgrade fee again after this short time.
If I have to pay, how much will it be?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerly, Toni

Yes it is! As we stated on the upgrade page - anyone who purchased GP on or after March1st, 2021 will get a free upgrade to GP4. Just fill out the upgrade request form.

We have an extremely fair upgrade policy for our existing users.


Will there be a demo version up for Gig Performer 4? I’m actually very happy with GP 3 but just would like to see if the new features make that much of a difference

Yes, there will.

That is great!

I filled out the request form!

Thx :smiley:

What request form? You will be able to download and GP4 when it is released in June. You don’t need a request form for that

I think he used this:

Yes but that is for requesting a paid upgrade. He seemed to want to be able to try GP4.

See the post from djogon :wink:

I got already a free license code by filling out a request…

Oh I see. I was confused by your wanting to just try GP4. You’re entitled to free update since you bought GP3 so recently. I think you will find that you will want to use GP4 going forward😃

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How long does it take for sales to get back to you when you fill in the form for the upgrade?

Just wondering as I have filled the upgrade form in about 2 weeks ago and it said about 2-3 working days when I filled it in for someone to get back to me.

We have generally been handling upgrade requests within a few hours for customers who purchased earlier versions of Gig Performer directly from us.

However, if you mistyped your email address in the form, it could take a really long time :shushing_face:

Ok I will try again, but I copy and pasted my email address from the email that included the key, hmm.

Yes, I got it – but we responded to this request on April 26th. Then on May 3rd we got an email from you that said “In case you missed/something went wrong…” to which we responded that we sent you the upgrade information on April 26th and perhaps your spam filter blocked it. I will send you the information again through a private message through this forum

Thank you for your help. All sorted and bought now :slight_smile: , I have no idea what is going on with these emails not arriving (I haven’t had any of them but I did get the update mail announcing GP4??!?) they are not in my spam or any where I can see , but that is my problem to solve :slight_smile: .

But once again thank you for you for your exceptional service, patience and help.
Kind regards

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I am not sure, but I got the new license after s short time. Maybe one hour. I didn’t wait long.