Upgrade information for existing Gig Performer users


If you have a license for Gig Performer 2 or earlier, upgrades are now available for Gig Performer 3. The price of the upgrade depends on when you purchased Gig Performer.

Please visit this page for details on how to upgrade to Gig Performer 3.

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I upgraded to GP2 from GP1 in February of last year from Ilio. I went to their site and found that they don’t have GP3 available yet. Called tech support. They said they will have it available next week.


Got it, thanx guys, I’m sure u are so busy right now


Why do you show a registration key?
Just move the mouse over the picture…


I support emailed , they sent me one , when one asks for version 3, they want a license code, I didn’t see it on my ‘ about ‘ page, but it’s allgood, they emailed mine privately


Ummm better take down that screen shot?
@Wired the file name of that photo has the registration key…


Anyone see a manual for v3?, has the same rackspace buttons , just not sure how to import rackspaces now to complete a set ( with the benefit of v3 and not duplicate every time), may have to rebuild sets?


It will be another week or two…


What about upgrades for purchases made from other dealers? Bought the bundle from jrrshop.net on september 11th 2018. Are they handled through Ilio, which seems to be a distributor of sorts, through you or not handled at all?


You are still eligible for a free upgrade regardless where you got it from. The policy and the price is the same.

Please just fill out the upgrade form and we will send you your free license.