Updating from 3.5 to 3.6.1

I know this has been asked before, but i can’t seem to figure this out.
When i want to update to a new version, and run the installer, it doesn’t suggest updating, it just installs the program as if i didn’t install the previous version at all.

Should i deactivate my license from 3.5, uninstall that and reactivate it in 3.6.1 ?
Or just install it in the same directory and overwrite the whole thingy?
or am i missing something altogether?

Any advice is welcome!

kind regards,

I usually simply install the new version and that’s it.

When you start Gig Performer after the 3.6.1 installation, which version does the program show under Help -> About…?

GP 3.6 is using a new licensing system - there’s no “updater” to it - please just download the latest version from the website and you should just be able to activate it using your email address and the license code you already have for 3.5

We tried that, but it didn’t accept the code. I will try that again and I will keep you posted on the result.

When you say we need to activate it using the email and the license code, what do you mean exactly?

IIRC I just entered the code I got in the mail only, and it refused that, which i guess is understandable as it’s in use already on this machine (for the 3.5 version) and the other two licenses are in use on two other machines, and there is a max total of 3.

@Gerk I cannot find you in our system using the email address (not public!) that you used for this discussion group. I sent you a PM (Private Message). Please respond to the PM with the email address you used to purchase GP and the license code you received so that I can sort out the issue for you.

This problem has been solved.