Update from 2 to 4, clean install on mew machine

I purchased a new MBP and want to install GP. I have GP2 on my old computers (1 desktop, 1 laptop) and am not sure how to proceed, should I:
-deactivate the license on -for example- the old cheese grater first?
-can I purchase the upgrade to 4 and do a fresh install on the new computer, or does GP2 have to be present for the upgrade to work?
-can GP2 even be installed on a new M1 machine?

Sorry if these answers are in the Knowledgebase, but I’m scrolling through and the only thing I could find was this:Gig Performer | Gig Performer - licenses, activation and moving to a new computer


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BTW, probably not relevant, but system info is: MBP 16" (M1Max | 64GB | 4TB | Monterey 12.3.1)

Also, is there much of a performance hit running GP under Rosetta2? Many VI’s have not yet been ported.

Here is the upgrade form: Gig Performer | Gig Performer Upgrade Request Form

Oh wow, a form. OK, thanks.

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