Undo! More Right-Click Contextual Menus

The only place I can find that undo works is in the Lyrics/Chords editor. It would be fantastic to add that to the edit rack space page.

Snapping to some kind of invisible and scalable grid when in the panels editor for laying out widgets would be very useful.

Being able to right-click within the Setlist window to bring up the same menu you now get by clicking on the “…” circle would be great. More contextual menus like this throughout please.


I absolutely 10000% agree!!!

I 20000% agree.

What do you agree?
@brandon menitioned different points

All of the points made?

Undo I would like to have also.
The other points I can live with as it is now.

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I’m getting more adept at laying out nice looking widget rackspaces… but the process is very unforgiving to any mistakes. Not having Undo makes the process take 5x as long for me than if that were available. Just one level of Undo would make a huge difference.

Also, when copy/pasting widgets (either single or a group) the pasted versions appear to be selected (they have bounding boxes) but they are not in fact selected which means after you paste you have to delicately click on one of the things you’ve pasted in order to then use the arrows to move them. This could also be improved by making the pasted widget(s) the actively selected item.

I’d also like to see a knob added that doesn’t have finite start and end points… like a 360 deg potentiometer you’d see on a tone wheel organ to select Chorus and Vibrato settings.