UJAM bass vst not exporting / importing correctly

Why is it that when I export a rack space containing a UJAM bass vst and then import it into a larger rackspace, settings change? This is happening with a bass vst from UJAM. And the imported vst settings lock up as well and I can’t make any changes. Is there a setting in the bass vst I’m missing somewhere?

What settings are changed?

Latch clicks off and the volume drops. Also, all the edit settings freeze and wont open. However, if I import it into a new rackspace, it seems ok. Why would the large gigfile not allow correct importing? Could it be corrupted in some way?

No more answers? Despite info to the contrary, GP does fail to deliver at times. I’m finding that rack spaces can corrupt and fail to perform properly. There is no reason that I can see why a rackspace exported from a small gigfile (in which it is working correctly), should not work correctly when imported into a larger gigfile. I guess that’s the nature of using Windows as an OS.

When you export from your small Gig and import into your large gig and export again
and import into a small gig, does that work?

This way you could check, if it is imported/exported correctly.

Maybe you just hit your RAM limit?

Sorry but people (including the developers) don’t necessarily immediately know the answers to all incoming questions.

I’ve been busy today but will try this out tomorrow.

Is there a way to check this?

I booted up the large gig today and all worked fine. ???

Still having problems here with imports faulting and not playing correctly. So I’ve started again with a brand new monster gig file.
So far, I’ve imported 40 songs from two rackspace and set them in alphabetical oreder. I’ve also changed their program change numbers to match the ones sent out by my iPad. However, when I import the next lot, the PC numbers are going to change because that’s the way that GP does it. Now, I’ve asked about this before - is there any trick way that I don’t know about to stop GP changing the PC numbers on imported rackspaces? It would save me ages if I could just import and have the PCs remain the same.