U-He VSTs special Offer (50% off)!

Hi everyone,
i just saw that there is a special sale from Native Instruments together with U-He which offers you the two synths (Diva & Repro and some effects too) for 50% off.
If you ever thought of buying these, grab your chance:

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I bought today :wink:

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Yeah… seems like i have to spend some bucks too. :grimacing:
At least i will buy a license for Diva (now, that i also have a new laptop, it will finally be playable :sunglasses: ).

For MiniMoog I am using The Legend.

Regarding Diva and Repro, I read that Diva would make it possible to emulate Moog (Mini), Roland (Juno et Jupiter) and Korg (MS20), but nothing about the Prophet 5. Is it so because they want to sell Repro, or is there another explanation ?

With OP-X Pro II, which is originally intended to reproduce the Prophet 5, sonicprojects claim to reproduce perfectly the Jupiter 8, so why Diva couldn’t ? (they also provide Minimoog banks)

Here is a comparison of the Roland Cloud Jupiter 8, Arturia Jup-8V and Diva. I personally found that Diva sounds very differently than the two others (perhaps because it is difficult to deal with all the Diva options?):Jupiter 8 VST comparison

I am more interested by the sounds of famous songs, than by pure sound creation, does it mean than Diva is not for me ? I am a bit confused, perhaps you could help me…


PS: This OP-X is more a time machine than a virtual synth VST : OB-X Famous bank

And the sale offer is up again (for ~22 days)!!!
50% off for single VSTs
60% off if you take the whole package