Two Notes Wall Of Sound failing to initialize

Hello all, first time poster.

The Two Notes Wall of Sound plugin is failing to initialize in GP3 (Plugin Alliance Unlocked). I’m using the AU version of the plugin on a Mac running Catalina. It runs fine in other hosts (Logic, GarageBand, Audio Hijack)

Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi @gingataff, welcome to the family!

I just could replicate the issue on my Macbook Pro.
Yes the AU version is not validated, does the VST version work for you?

Wich version of GP are your using?

I tried with 3.8.0 and it is working now.

Thanks for the welcome!
I haven’t tried the VST (I don’t have that installed) and was using GP 3.7. I just updated to 3.8 and seems to be working fine.