Triggering Midi Player

I haven’t been working with Gig Performer very long but I’m getting further and further down the rabbit hole. At this point I am setting up a rig for “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” and I want to be able to kick off different midi files at different times. I’ve figured out how to use the Midi Player and that triggers a synth for certain parts. The thing I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to use the same controller to kick off the midi files in sequence… so basically there is a short midi part for the arpeggio synth that I trigger with a foot controller. I have that working, but now I want to effectively use the same pedal to kick off lane 2 in the player once I hit the next part, then lane 3 when that part comes. The reason I don’t want to use one long midi file is because I will often improvise some sections and run longer or shorter so I want to bring things in when it makes sense for that part to hit, rather than a rigid timeline. Is there a way to do this? Effectively, the first time I hit the pedal, lane 1 plays, the second time, Lane 2 and so on… Thanks in advance.


Are you needing these changes to be quantised to the beat, or are you happy for it to be based on when you switch?

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I don’t need it quantized

The MIDI File Player includes parameters for Next/Previous Song, so you can add a pad widget mapped to the next parameter (and learn that to your controller).


However, when you change songs, the player will automatically stop, so you’d then need to trigger the play again.

The attached gig file works around that by using a small script to trigger the play button automatically whenever you press the Next/Previous widgets.

MFP Song Increment.gig (62.0 KB)


cool, thanks. I’ll give it a try