Transpose won’t work for PS 3 guitar controller

I’m trying to use my PS 3 guitar controller an octave above normal so that I can drive a plunking banjo that uses chord input and pattern player (Realibanjo). However, the midi in block in GP when set to +12 does not work and the sounds are muted. Is there a plug-in vst that will transpose up an octave that may work with my guitar controller?

I’m not aware of any issue with transposition in the Midi In Block. You could connect a Midi Monitor plugin to the output of the Midi In Block to confirm that notes are coming out an octave higher

It is more likely that the plugin you’re using doesn’t work an octave higher…I’ve seen this with quite a few plugins.

Just did a test where I have two MIDI In blocks, the one on the left is transposed by 12 semitones.
As you can see from the connected MIDI Monitors, the one on the left shows up 12 notes higher.