Transpose, not transposed

Hello all:
So, 2 of 3 bands I play with tune down a half step. No problem: master transpose. However I have some patches that incorporate various percussion instruments. To not have these shift a key, I set them to channel 10 and use a little app called midi pipe as midi input to transpose ch 10 back up a step. I wonder if there is a simpler workflow using a script which could be enabled when necessary? (The next step would be to transpose key switches for plugins that use them so they don’t shift, although that would have to be addressed on a per plugin basis. I use very few key switches but others may find that useful if possible.)
Thanks for any ideas!

The MIDI In block has an option explicitly to address this issue by allowing it to ignore the global transpose.


Either you could try it David’s way, or you give that little Scriptlet a shot - it seems to be exactly what you asked for…

I don’t quite understand why one would bother with a scriptlet when the issue can be solved by using a feature (Ignore Global Transpose) that was designed explicitly to prevent percussion and effects from being impacted by transpose.

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It’s just another option… as always with Gig Performer there are many ways of doing one thing…

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Thanks for the responses! Duh, if I’d seen that ignore transpose function before, I had forgotten about it!
Appreciate the help!