TransferSettings of Song Part to a Part of a Different Song?

Hija all,

In the Song/Setlist view, I very often want to reuse (or use as starting point) my widget settings of PartX on Song A for PartY on Song B.

The only way I found this to work is override the Variation Settings of the Rackspace while on Song A (Push Song Part Changes to Rackspace) and then select that changed RackSpace in Song B.
However that changes the settings in the rack space, which might be in use in other songs.
Is there a way to copy song parts or their settings?

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Interesting idea!
I cannot see any options to do that.


While I am programming my Setlist it’s the obvious thing for me that it should be there. I’ve been wondering for weeks now I thought let’s see if anyone has an idea.
Maybe I’m alone with this? I do have lots of widgets though, controlling several amp sims, effects and mixers in one rackspace.

I am wondering if there should be a possibility to copy a song part of a song to another song and not only settings of widgets.

Settings of Widgets would totally do. (Without having to push them to the rack space variation)

OK, how to identify which widget settings should be copied?

I guess that copying a whole song part might be easier to do for the devs, because the widgets will stay the same (regarding type and number).
Whereas a “copy settings” function might be much more difficult to realize, because you’ll never know if the target-part (or rackspace) for the copied settings will contain the same widgets as the source… this had to be checked painstakingliy! And what should be done with the settings that can’t be placed, since the regarding widgets aren’t there? And what settings should be done to widgets that are present in the target part but not in the source part?

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The primary idea of variation reuse is to actually create a variation if that variation is to be reused in multiple songs.

When creating a new variation all the settings from the currently selected variation will be preserved - e.g. it will make a copy of the current variation. You can now assign this variation to any song part and customize it in that song part for example.

Don’t forget that you can also “bulk change” a variation for song parts so that anything using “Variation A” can now use “Variation B”. This could help you create a new variation based on your current song part and assign it to a new one.

Having said all this - yes - I can see the benefits of somehow copying all widget values into a new song part so maybe a copy/paste of widget values in the song view could be implemented.
I’ll put it into our feature tracking list and hopefully, it will get implemented at some point.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Yes, I do variations as starting points, then I tweak them when I arrange the song parts. Many times the tweak is so perfect, I wanna reuse it. At the same time I don’t wanna lose the Variation. It’s the way I work and I get stuck in a dilemma.
I worked around by saving presets. in the plugin, then go to the rack view, create a new variation, load the preset. But its a bit of a. hassle.

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