TouchOSC GP2 iPad initial setup problems


Hi folks…
We are moving a live performance rig away from a Muse Receptor Quatro.

Can’t seem to get Touch OSC to connect with the iPad, but the template transfers to the iPad air2 and is active on screen. Everything else is connected and works perfectly. Just trying to simplify my stage access point to just the iPad.

We used iTeleport with the Receptor and the iPad and it worked fine, and it connects Gig Performer and the iPad. Live operating issues, however that make the iPad useless.

Novice with network addresses, etc. so there is something we are missing.
A simple, step by step guide for idiots, youtube video would be nice if there is one for the ISP-address challenged among us.

Hardware includes:
2012 Mac Mini i7 2.6 quad core 16 gb ram 1TB SSD
Focusrite Clarett 8pre thunderbolt.
iPad Air 2
NightHawk Access Point LAN (used with the Receptor and works fine)
Hammond SKX dual manual keyboard set up as MIDI 1 and 2 (nice way to carry two keyboards around in one box)
Also going to try the hints with High Sierra to pick up the load time.
Any help would be great
Looking forward to a long relationship with my new gear and Gig Performer!!


Did you review the video on our blog introducing TouchOSC?

Also, the user manual ( has details about setting up OSC starting on page 78