Touch friendly Setlist


A big pop-up touch friendly setlist accessible via a big button somewhere.


I would LOVE this too! :+1:
For the moment, it is still a bit difficult to use GP 100% with a touch screen. The performance view is unfortunately not completely touch friendly, even the Rackspace/variations list is difficult to use on a 10" touch screen, while it is a dream to use the different widgets.

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You could use an iPad with Lemur or TouchOSC and build your own GUI

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My 10" HDMI touch screen is the main (and the only) screen of my piano rig, it costs a tenth of the price of an iPad and the widget on the screen are very convenient to use. I like them very much.
So, if I don’t need to duplicate the GP display on Lemur it is nice for me. :wink:

Preload options

That’s how I feel too, I have too much “crap” already, and even though I love all this “crap” it goes against my mission to have the ultimate ultra-compact-transportable-plug-and-play-set-up and not always be the last one home after a gig. :slight_smile:

The Setlist could be a giant dropdown menu where the song title is displayed today. Shouldn’t be that hard to fix (he said unknowingly)? :slight_smile:


I know I’m contradicting myself now, but what about a dual screen mode? Set lists and rackspace/variation lists on the left screen and fullscreen rackspaces on the right. :yum:


Dual Instance.
The 2nd instance would only hold the set lists and not plugins
but sends osc messages to the 1st instance to switch to correct song.
But that is an overkill.