To the pros out there 13” or 15 “ MacBook Pro for Gp

Basically just buying a MacBook 2015 pro to run Omnisphere/ keyscape ( 175 gig of data), but am wondering amongst the pros if it’s a huge difference practically for the bigger screen ( laptop)

I use a 15" from the same era and personally I like the extra screen real estate. It might depend how conspicuous you want it to be - if it’s mounted up above your keyboard then the 13" might be better? But if it’s to the side or on the floor then the 15" will allow you to make everything a bit bigger and not have it too congested - I have my 15" on the floor usually so like the larger screen.

Do you have an iPad? Another option is using an iPad and Lemur as a remote screen - again I have just started using this and it’s a superb tool to allow you not to have the laptop in front of you. You could then either team this with the 13" for more portability, or the 15" for larger screen space whilst editing, but using the iPad as the main ‘screen’ when performing.


Hello Wired,

I am using a 13 inch MacBook Pro for my live setup and it works out perfectly! It sits on a Gibraltar SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting Clamp next to my keyboard stand. Having the smaller screen is not a hindrance when it comes to setting-up or editing GP either. Good Luck!

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Awesome , thanks, good to know , my present pc laptop is 14 , and there’s a lot more macbook 13’s than 15 ‘s. I’m , just running spire ( which gets midi stuck notes that never stop ) and Spectrasonics stuff, want to compare Mac to pc once for all. , seems most ppl are only one or the other: looks like 15’s are good price , I’ve heard 2015’s are fave, but il go 2017 for the newer electronics …,

I use a 2015 13" MB Pro as my main laptop and I’ve got a 17" HP Windows machine as a backup. I’m looking at upgrading the 13" and would greatly like to stick with that form factor, which makes a significant difference in setup. The only reason I’d go bigger than 13" would be if I couldn’t get the specs I need in that size.

I don’t find any great advantage to working on the 17" screen of my HP, and when I’m playing I don’t touch the laptop at all.



So how do you find the MBP’s vs windows pc?, in Gp?, I run a i7 dual core, ssd thinkpad , and Gp handles the heavyweights like Omnisphere/ keyscape and spire , up to a few patches in a multi Well, but if I load 8 patches, Trouble . I am getting a mbp with higher generation cpu vs the old 4th gen or it may not even work well, any advice ?

It’s pretty much the standard Windows/Mac differences. Much better bang for the buck with a PC. The MBP is much less issue prone with updates and drivers and operation is in general much smoother.

I can’t advise you very well as I don’t know if you are bottlenecking on CPU utilization or memory. My personal preference is for the MBP for the stability and user interface but if I have to move to a Windows laptop for maximal performance at a given price point I will. I definitely prefer the smaller form factors.


(BTW, I’m a complete agnostic in the Apple/PC wars. I’m an IT professional, use Apple portable devices, a Windows desktop and Windows and Linux on servers.)

Thanks, perhaps a mbp i7( 7 gen), 2017 quadcore will be more efficient than my i7 dual core thinkpad , will go bicomputer to see how it works out