Tiny bug in 3.6?

When in rackspace edit mode in the “value” tab, the label “Initial Value on Load (#variation name#), it seems the variation name gets messed up. If I have the first variation selected (say, “Var 1”) then increment to the next variation (say, “Var 2”) the label still reads “Initial Value on Load (Var 1)”. If I then go to the next variation, it reads …”( Var 2 )" - so it is one behind. If I then decrement by one from that location (that is, actually go back to “Var 2” it INCREMENTS to Var 3 - then counts down from there, again, one variation behind the direction you were moving through the list.

I’m not sure it does anything other than mess up the label.

Thank you, I’ve put this report in our tracking g system. Thank you for taking the time to report it.