Tie a panel setup/mapping to a specific plugin

So I’m retroactively adding a panel to all 55 rackspaces in my main setup. The main one is a mixer with faders and meters to manage either the 4 or 8 channel mixer. I’ve saved it as a template and am re-adding it, but I have to manually remap everything on every rack. I had this same issue (and posted about it) with VB3 last week. It would be great if you could create a rack panel, map everything to a single plugin and then export that association with the panel. Then you import it into a new rack that contains that plugin and everything automatically wires itself back up.


I agree, and posted a similar request but about retaining the mappings when copying and pasting widgets from one rackspace to another. And if for some reason you didn’t have that plugin in the new rackspace, it should either insert the plugin or just ignore the mappings.

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I am just to encounter the same situation here…
I decided to build a separate rackpanel that “contains” some effects (like an EQ) that i’d like to add to all of my rackspaces.
Well, of course the rackpanel does NOT contain the effects but only the widgets for the regarding plugins, and their mapping to the parameters. So what would like to do, is to import that panel to an existing rackspace, including all of the needed plugin bocks and of course the mapping.
What i can do, is adding the rackpanel from a template but this only brings me the widgets and nothing more… not the mapping, not the plugin-blocks. To re-wire all this stuff by hand for every rackspace will become a really annoying task.
So i’d like to vote for either some kind of “merge rackspaces” function or utility, or even better, that a rackpanel should work as a container that gathers all the needed mappings and plugin blocks that are related to it. So, after importing such a rackpanel(container), there would nothing left to do as connecting the INs and OUTs that are left open.
To illustrate the need for this, i attached two screenshots of the rackspace (front and back), where you can see on the one hand the great number of widgets that must be mapped and on the other hand the whole right branch of the wiring that could be packed into one (panel)container, with just two INs and OUTs.

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Another one to add to the chain. Seems a logical thing to add, GP is new for me and it will take time to get it as I want it, particularly configuring the mixer and assigning widgets to the front panel to control it and view the VU meters, which is a constant for every song, only changing the plug ins I route to it and the track labels. A simple clone option would be great. I want to update my mixer layout but not 33 times to cover every song !

You could save a panel as a template, this way you can save your widgets.
But you have to map your widgets to the Audio Mixer.

Another Option: Save your rackspace as a default rackspace.
You can import a single rackspace

I like this idea… even better if the rack-panel could be treated as a “sub-panel” so that graphically it could be represented as a simple block with just the I/O (like a VST) but could be “opened” and edited. I think it would also be helpful if such a rack-panel could (optionally) be made “persistent” in nature such that all of its settings remain intact if you instantiate it on multiple Rackspaces and move from Rackspace to the next.