Three way switch

Hello, i recently bought the full version of GigPerformer and starting creating templates i like. But one question i need to share is the fact that there are numerous switches and knobs but i didn’t find any three way switches and control knobs that you can use to select several oscillator types. So, are there any or is this something which will happen in the near future? Btw, if i sound strange, i am from the Netherlands so not a native English speaking person.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Niels, and welcome to our forum!

(Moderational anouncement: I will move this thread over to “Feature requests” later on, so if you cannot find your posting here anymore, it will be there :wink:)

I am absolutely on your side with this request.
I think there should be some widgets like three-way switches or even more switch-positions.
(Rotary switches as well as sliding switches and also radio-buttons)
This would be very handy for any kind of select-switches that you can find in many VSTs, be it oscillators/waveforms for synths, gain stages/amp types for guitar amps, leslie operation for organs, instrument types/variations… all those types of options where not intermediate values are needed but a collection of fixed ones.

Hi schamass. Thanks for the support. And i understand if this topic is moved to Feature requests.

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