Three Cheers for Set List Feature

It is always easy to talk about what’s wrong or challenging with a product, however sometimes we forget to give kudos when due.

Building a setlist in GP is extremely easy and fast. The way I can quickly filter through songs and add them to a set list without even touching the mouse once I pop the dialog is simply AWESOME!

I am a former Forte’ user, and one of the biggest problems I had with Forte was the workflow I had to use when building a setlist because of buggy functionality that would hang Forte in setlist view. The workflow I was forced into due to this was slow and cumbersome. Even using that workflow, I would still occasionally get hangs or crashes in the application.

With GP, I can put together a set list in about 1/4 of the time (or less) than it took in Forte. That is pretty darned awesome gentlemen. Good Job!



Ya, I’ve tried loading 1 instance of Omnisphere into ableton lite and it’s 50 -70 percent with bad glitches , , 20 instances in Gp aren’t even 10, don’t know how they do it

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