Thinking about getting Falcon 2, thoughts?

Falcon 2 has just been released and UVI has an offer of 30% off PLUS you get two free expansion packs. I know a few people who love Falcon, but none who use it live. I already have a significant plugin collection, but based on the sound engines listed for Falcon, it almost looks like a virtual Kronos.

So I’m going to list out what I already have and use regularly, and I’d be interested in opinions as to whether Falcon really brings enough to the table to justify the expense.

*NI Komplete 12
*Still using alot of Kontakt 5 as well
*Arturia VCollection 6
*Synthmaster One
*Sonic Projects OPX-Pro II
*Waves Morphoder
*Sonovox Vocalizer
*IK Sampletank 3
*UVI Workstation (for Scratch Factory and Digital Synsations)

So that being my ‘normal’ list from a VSTi perspective, what does Falcon really bring to the table. How does it perform live? I’m leaning towards it, but I would like the opinion of others already using Falcon.


I don’t have it, but it’s on my wish list. 30% off is very tempting. I would definitely use it live.

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