Tempo to 1/100


seems picky I know, but noticed metronome app I’m using to drive Midi Clock to run live rig including OnSong, Gig Performer, and Digital Perfomer will lock temp to 1/100s BPM while GP appears only accurate to 1/10 BPM. would be great if this was updated. I have songs that lock perfectly to 113.95 where 113.9 or 114.0 won’t hold. when GP locks to this tempo it jumps back and forth between the two (113.9 & 114.0) to attempt to holding sync. thanks love the program!


Which version of Gig Performer are you using?


latest one I think 3.2.7. was a trial I just purchased


I am using Ableton an Link and I am not aware that I am facing this issue.


could be it’s truly locked but GP display doesn’t show 1/100 PBM so it jumps back and forth.
is your GP displaying 100s of a beat?


Seems you are right, tempo granularity = 0.1