Templates Window


I am running through the tutorial at macProVideo. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to create a new gig. So I’m going along with the video and when the author hits the new gig button, this really cool templates window opens.

Is that just for our Mac friends? Or am I missing something. The tutorial doesn’t suggest it is Mac only.


Are you using the Plugin Alliance Edition?

No. Now it makes sense. It’s purpose built for them? The video probably should have been a little more specific than just ‘not available in all editions’. I spent half an hour trying to determine if there was some update I didn’t know about.

Then I figured it was just for Macs.


yes it is for that edition because the templates are using PA plugins.

Below the line, such things as “presets” are just ready made rackspaces - nothing more.
They might, or might not fit your needs, so i see not the really great “longterm” use of them, even though they surely may provide a comfortable start for a new user.
I dare to say that if you search these forums for a special kind of rackspace, or you just ask the user base for it, you will find or get more than all those presets actually provide.
And what keeps you from building your very own “presets”, because you can export and import rackspaces in whatever state of development you want to?
As i stated above: I personally think, that it’s a nice gimmick to have some presets at hand, but i don’t consider this as “the longterm killer-feature”.

I do think that it is an excellent option for plugin alliance users. Now whether one cwn carry on successfully using just one vendor’s plugins is a different story. That question arouses passion. Please understand it was just rhetorical :wink: