Tap tempo reset

Hi, I created overrides for songs, but I want to have ability to sometimes use tap tempo for delays, and it works great. Problem is The tapped tempo stay at what I tapped, even when I change to next override song part, and when I go back to the previews rackspace. Is there a tempo reset to what is global/override button?

Can you upload a small gig, showing the issue?
I can not reproduce.

Ok, I don’t know what was going on, but it works now, without problems. But is there a way to reset tempo to tempo override without changing song part/song? E.g. I used tap tempo, but want to set default tempo once more, maybe with a widget. Is it possible?

Here’s an option:
Put a Pad widget in the Global Rackspace, name it DefaultTempo in the GP Script name.
Put this script in the Global Rackspace Script Editor.
You can alter the tempo to whatever you want the default to be when you activate the widget, (I have it set to 50 in this example)

   DefaultTempo : Widget
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from DefaultTempo
    If newValue == 1.0 then SetBPM(50)

Great! It works. Kinda workaround, but I’m happy with the result. Only thing I changed is adding this script and widget to rack (I use one rack per song part). Thank You!