System Planning Diagram... Comments/Advice?

I’ve created a diagram showing the planned full integration of my system. I’d welcome any advice, comments, concerns, or questions. I’ll also use this as a reference for other threads, where I often end up describing my system and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m sure the community here will save me lots of time and frustration!

Newer document is posted in a comment.

CG-SIGNAL-FLOW.pdf (137.4 KB)

Congrats ! It’s pretty ! Now how does it relate to your real world setup ? Pictures tell a story ! … and what did you create the graphic in / with ? Thanks

Updated here to include an overview of design intent and operation, and a block diagram showing computer roles
CG-SIGNAL-FLOW.pdf (245.8 KB)

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Now how does it relate to your real world setup ?

It is currently being built a bit at a time. I can’t afford to mess up a gig by adding too much at once and failing to test/configure beforehand. Dante aspects are present, as are Bome, as is GP. Guitars/Bass are as indicated but without much programming thus far. Voices are currently not involved through this system as I am waiting on the mic preamp interface. Macs are both present, as is iPhone song select. Drums are currently a 2-channel input to the mixer snake… trying to find time to develop a virtual instrument kit to the drummer’s tastes, and which he trusts. MODO drum is installed, and BomeBox is set up for his vDrums awaiting time to configure. Recorder/Virtual soundcheck was going to be on a separate computer… recently changed my mind and will need to get Logic Pro automated in the background for this… that will be challenging. Virtual Performance Mac is purchased and installed, but putting off Ableton as I’ll need the $500+ version and I’ve got more than enough to assemble/program at the moment. Lights are purchased… DMX/Artnet interfaces are just a pile of parts awaiting assembly, and no lighting control software has been permanently decided upon. (QLC+, I think.) Stomps are also piles of parts, but not for too long now. Video is purely future planning. I will not add the crowd mics and guest instrument inputs until my X-DANTE card is replaced on the RMA I’ve got. (it was partially DOA, but the inputs work as I wait for a replacement. Then perhaps I can sell the Dante mic Pre’s and use the preamps and card in/outs on my x32 instead.)

Pictures tell a story !

Sure… but it just looks like a band setup… albeit with a nice caster/mixer rack. Maybe I can take some photos during my config sessions this weekend. (Gig on Friday and another next Sat.)

… and what did you create the graphic in / with ?

Microsoft Visio!

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