Sysex return

Sorry, maybe this is already discussed somewhere.

If I put my yamaha montage in local off mode, and create a really easy midi in > midi out routing for the montage in GP. Will GP send back the incoming sysex? Some knobs don’t send CC but Sysex on the montage.

Right now the montage doesn’t respond and I’m figuring out if it’s GP or the Yamaha Montage…

How looks yur5 routing in the back view?

Are you on Mac?

Yes on Mac

There is a utilit called “Midi Monitor”.

With this you can see what is coming in from the Montage and what is outgoing.
Seems that Sysex is not routed to your Montage through Gig Performer.

I checked: the midi is coming in GP but is not sending back. So GP is filtering Sysex?

Maybe, I am not sure.
how did you check?

Midi monitoring in is showing sys ex in. Midi out monitoring is not showing sys ex

What did you use for Midi Monitoring?

GP’s midi monitor app

The general midi monitoring for midi in, the plug-in connected to the midi in (out)

OK, any chance to test outside of Gig Performer with the “Midi Monitor”?

Not now. I will try end of the week

Ok did the test with Midi Monitor (snoize): the montage is sending out SysEx, but GP is blocking the sysex information After the Midi in Block.

When testing this in Logic the sys ex is also blocked. But in project settings > midi there is a midi thru function with SysEx. Then it works perfect!

In MainStage you can select if you want to filter SysEx. If “unchanged” is selected it works perfectly!

I don’t understand why GP is filtering the SysEx. Is there a solution to fix this? Please help!