Synth1 Librarian will crash GigPerf 3

(I hope this is the correct category to post this in.)

I’ve used Synth1 Librarian for a little while now. I have not had any major issues with it in other DAWs/hosts. But in GP3 (I’m not using GP4 at the moment), it tends to crash the program altogether when I switch between presets too fast. It mostly happens when I’m trying to play any notes while it’s switching Synth1 presets. I’m mostly looking to se if anyone else has experienced such a thing or not and if there’s some way I could find a crash log regarding this.


As as been noted before, GP tends to “push” a plugin more than most DAWs and may call functionality in the plugin API that is not properly implemented or tested.

How are you actually changing presets?

Just through the VST’s UI. Synth1Lib just catalogs all of Synth1’s presets in the folder you set for it. You click on the name of it the preset you want to use or hit the Random button. If I switch to another preset quickly after another selecting one (especially while playing), it just seems to crash.

So if you just change presets through the plugin’s GUI, Gig Performer doesn’t even know it’s happening.

Yeah, that “mostly” is the clue. My bet is that there’s a race condition in the plugin itself where the plugin is not “protecting” itself from receiving MIDI events while it is changing presets. During that change, the plugin is not in a consistent state and so a MIDI event arriving during that time could crash it.