Syncing issues with timestretched streaming audio files

Hello all. For now I’m using GP5 in a very basic way to play additional tracks for my live band. I’m using two streaming audio file players per song, both with stereo wav files; one with the backing track and the other with clicks and cues for the in-ear monitors. These are synced to the global play head and work perfectly.

My singer always moans that one of the tracks is a bit too slow, so as an experiment today I used the new timestretch feature to speed up both files by 5%, still synced to the global play head. It works, but I found that the click was no longer syncing perfectly with the backing track so it wouldn’t really be suitable to use live. Is this a limitation of the timestretching process, or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

I think you can sync both audio players to the global tempo and when you change the global tempo then both Audioplayer should stay in sync
Do both Audioplayers show the same bpm?

Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t think that the reported bpm on the individual audio files would be relevant because I’m not actively using the global tempo for anything - these are simply two wav files (per song) that start and stop at the same time (“sync with host” activated on both players). When timestretched the sync meanders about slightly rather than being simply too fast or too slow, which is why I was wondering whether it was a limitation of the timestretching process.

If I wanted to keep my singer happy I would simply create two new files in the DAW and import them into GP to replace the existing ones, but I was curious to know whether timestretching files on the fly like this should work.

Can you please do a test with bpm synced to global bpm?

I did a test with my click wav files and could not reproduce the issue.
Are you sure that you did not sync any SAFP with the global tempo?

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I’ll do a test when I’m back in front of my stuff. Thanks for investigating.

I’ve been doing some experimenting loading the same (audio) click and cue wav files to both SAFPs, and then repeating with different pairs of click files from the setlist. I’ve found that whilst most of them remain in sync after timestretching has been applied, certain files go out sync straight away, although the percentage speed increase I’ve set is the same on both SAFPs. I also tried linking to the global tempo, and the problem files seem to remain synchronised when that is done.

I’m puzzled as to why certain files don’t remain in sync when the majority do.

Also, is the BPM in the SAFP file list view automatically detected by GP when the file is loaded? In the song in my original query the backing track is reported as 109bpm whereas the companion click track is shown as 87bpm, which is closer.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes it should be automatically detected.

Can you upload the 2 files you used, so I could test on my system.