Switching while backing track is playing

Is it possible to switch rackspaces while a track is playing in media player? beyond just a simple variation? For instance, performing to a backing track, switching from clean guitar to high gain with a different amp sim and effects chain. Thanks!

With GP4 you would have your audio player in the global rackspace, which would keep it independent and allow you to switch rackspaces without interrupting it.


How would you trigger specific songs in the global rackspace audio player to play from different songs in the playlist?

Do you mean you would like song 1 to select audio player track 1, song 2 to select track 2 etc?

Yes that. But if I were using stems on tracks 1-8 (for example), how would I program a set with 10 songs?

…maybe with using multiple instances of the audioplayer (each containing 8 tracks)?

You need the ability to continually adjust the levels of the stems? Otherwise mixing down would make it all much easier, and use less memory.

The audio player may not be the right tool. There are great resources on this forum about syncing Ableton Live with GP, including automatically changing scenes when you switch songs. So you can easily use as many tracks as required.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have done that many times and know that process. But I find it extremely tedious and life sucking. It made me hate Ableton.

As advanced and comprehensive as GP is, it seems silly that it doesn’t accommodate these needs. Using an Audio Player within each rackspace/song does exactly what I need EXCEPT that I can’t step through variations or song parts without re-triggering/restarting the audio file(s) from their beginning. There has to be a way to fix this! Can’t we just have the option to check a box in the Audio Player that “plays to end/ingore variations”? Similar to one shot?

Help @dhj

Use the Audioplayer in the global rackspace or use a 2nd instance of Gig Performer for using audio player.

Did you map widgets to audio player?
Can you upload such a problematic rackspace?