Switching Rackspace Tails

Hello there. Trying to build a new guitar rig, first time with rackspaces. So in Rackspace 1 I have a clean setting and Rackspace 2 a crunch setting. On 2 I have reverb and delay. So when changing to 1 again I want a tail from the reverb and delay. Tail length setting is on, but I get still the crunch sound of the guitar with the time I set up instead of switching to the clean sound. I would like to get only the delay reverb tails spillover. Is this possible? Thanks.

From what I understand, you are still hearing your playing being processed from your crunch rackspace in the few seconds after you switch back to your clean rackspace?

Exactly that!

Yeah, GP is missing an option to mute the input immediately when you switch.
Your workaround is to use a small bit of GP Script to mute a volume/gain plugin when you switch rackspaces (and unmute it when you switch back).

I have an example I can share shortly.

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This would be great! So that was not my fault. Did not find an answer in the manual. Thanks for the quick reply!

Whit this script, do you get the tails from the other rackspace when switched?

Yes, the muting is done on the input (before your amp+effects) so that you will still get the tails from any reverbs or delays.

Try this out - just replace the Neural Cory Wong plugin with one you use.

Mute Input When Switching.gig (18.9 KB)


This is the script. The ‘INPUT_MUTE’ is the name (handle) that I added to a Gain plugin, needed so you can reference it in a script.
The rest of the script uses ‘callbacks’ that get triggered when you first switch to a rackspace or switch away from a rackspace. What it then does it change parameter 4 of the Gain plugin, which is the Mute button.

   INPUT_MUTE : PluginBlock

// Called when rackspace is activated
On Activate
    SetParameter(INPUT_MUTE, 4, 0.0)

// Called when you switch away from a rackspace
On Deactivate
    SetParameter(INPUT_MUTE, 4, 1.0)

Thank you very much. This forum is the best I know!


Me again. Do you also get a gap/noise when switching the rackspaces?I have CW plugin, so I could use your settings. Thanks!

Not really anything too noticeable. You can sometimes get a very quick ramp down/up in volume as you switch, but the script is meant to help that a bit. I usually avoid sustaining notes between rackspaces. If you need to do this and change sounds, you can look at putting both sounds in the one rackspace.

The best test is to duplicate a rackspace and switch between them. If that’s good, then it may be just a difference in volume levels between your different rackspaces. When I switch between identical rackspaces it’s a smooth transition.