Switching an audio cable off?


In my rackspace I use 6 x a Helix plugin (guitar) that I bypass using songparts, so in part 1 only plugin 3 could be on, while in part2 plugin 1 could be on, while bypassing the rest…
They do all get audio input however, which means that if I switch to another part where a plugin has quite some delay, I then hear the tail of the notes that I struck before…
Is there a way of switching an audio cable off (all come from the same interface input channel but cables are linked to each plugin)
Otherwise I would have to put a gain in front of every plugin for which I set the volume to 0 I guess?
How many of those gain controls can I have in there before they start ‘pressing’ on cpu? (already have 13 in, plus 5 16-channel mixers…


That is a lot.
Can’t you use different rackspaces, so the complexity would be not so much as you have now in 1 rackspace?
I do not think that many gain plugins do stress the CPU.

Here is a picture how you can mute an audio gain


If you don’t want to hear an overlapping delay or reverb from the sound played before, you should mute the line outs of your Helix plugins - then there will be silence instantly (no matter how long the delay may be).
Just use a 16ch mixer block and connect it like i did on the screenshot, then use the mute or solo function with some widgets as Pianopaul showed you above (it works the same way with mixers blocks).


Hey Schamass - thanks - I do mute everything but if I switch to another Helix that has quite a long delay, the input of my guitar has been going in to that Helix all of the time and on unmuting I hear the delay-tail…
Ya there’s a lot of stuff going on in that rack - mainly because I also arrange all of the monitoring for the rest of the band from that same rack…